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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Chartio

Based in San Francisco, Chartio creates business intelligence (BI) software tools. It focuses on creating dashboards and charts in order to simplify data analysis. Chartio allows users to store data internally while connecting directly to it in order to create queries and produce reports.

Chartio is a cloud-based business intelligence solution for developers and businesses. Chartio connects directly to databases and data sources and allows you to drag and drop to create charts and graphs or use SQL to write specific queries. It also allows users to work with data in real time, over a web browser, and from mobile devices. The solution assists with setting up analytics and reporting systems based on the individual business needs. Through the chart-creator interface, users can create easy-to-use dashboards that are quick to setup and allow collaboration with other team members.

Level Up, an application that allows you to pay with your phone at local merchants, recently installed Chartio’s program. Before using Chartio, reports and queries could only be accessed by a few engineers with advanced technical skills. Level Up was looking for a way to allow their entire team to access non-sensitive data, and Chartio met that need. Chartio offers a business intelligence dashboard and a scratch pad that allows every team member to run queries and process reports.

Chartio is one of many Business Intelligence solutions in our SmartAdvisor; click the link to see more.

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