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About CellRox

Cellrox is a software vendor that provides a mobile device management (MDM) solution. The system can be deployed at the enterprise level, both for company issued devices and BYOD workplaces. This application currently works only on Android-devices, but is being developed for iOS.

The ‘multi persona’ component of the system is what makes Cellrox unique. It combines traditional security and management systems with the idea of ‘personas,’ or separate user files that allow mobile users to separate personal and business-related files. There can be multiple personas in the same mobile device, allowing individuals to have a work persona, a private persona, and even a game persona, all with different security levels. It is also possible to have a persona that allowed non company-verified applications, and a different persona that blacklisted them. Cellrox software places each user file inside its own separate secure zone where personas are isolated from the others, making malware attacks difficult. Data transfer from one persona to another can be prohibited with pre-configured policy standards. The management system itself can either be in-house or hosted on Cellrox’s cloud. The software allows a company’s IT staff complete control over corporate persona, but not the others.

Movius Interactive Corp, a communication solutions provider, decided to give Cellrox a try before suggesting it to its customers. It was found to be an excellent solution that was able to bridge the need for security with regard to accessing corporate data while offering freedom for employees to personally use their mobiles in a BYOD workplace. Movius now recommends Cellrox to its enterprise customers.

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