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About Celerity CAM

Celerity, founded in 2005, makes the CAM (Clinical Addictions Manager) practice management and electronic medical records software to meet the specific needs of mental and behavioral health providers, with a special focus on chemical dependency.

CAM’s fully integrated workflow means that patient information flows directly from the scheduling and practice management system through into the clinical note, and finally into the billing module, eliminating duplicate data entry. Fully customizable intake, assessment, and discharge workflows and documentation means that the software adapts to you instead of the other way around. Also, CAM speeds documentation thanks to its self-populating notes and summaries, which pull information from previous documentation. CAM also directly interfaces with multiple lab systems, allowing effortless communication of orders and results. Additionally, CAM generates electronic files that match the requirements of multiple states, including Georgia, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, and more.

CAM stores patient data and encounter information in full compliance with HIPAA and state agencies; data access is granted to “certified and credentialed’ users across facilities, allowing providers to practice in multiple locations without needing separate credentials to access their data. To enable care coordination and collaboration, CAM also has a unique “group notes” feature which allows multiple providers to enter data in a single place, and automatically push the updated data to multiple client files without having to access each file separately.

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