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About Barloworld CAST Aurora

Barloworld SCS is the developer of the supply chain management software package called CAST Aurora Supply Chain Modeling. With operations in countries around the world, a clientele numbering more than 600 members and its parent company, Barloworld Ltd, reporting billions in annual revenue, Barloworld SCS is a leading global developer of supply chain management software and inventory management software. To effectively serve its clients, the company offers regular webinars detailing the operation of its products and highlighting various aspects of the logistics industry.

Barloworld SCS’ CAST Aurora Supply Chain Modeling program meets the need of ever more sophisticated solutions for businesses which operate on a global scale. It includes mapping functions, databases entailing road networks across international borders and an inventory management software component which optimizes inventory modeling. Functions of the inventory component can be applied to every point in a supply chain or only to specific points as needed by clients. Barloworld SCS also offers a demand management software package called Optimiza Demand Planner. It is designed to account for such considerations as shorter product life cycles and customer bases growing on a regional and global level. It also provides clients with the capability of producing time sensitive demand forecasts. Each of Barloworld SCS’ products includes a corresponding, dedicated support package.  The company believes having specific support for specific applications ensures that clients are given the most effective support possible. These services are available by phone or by email.

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