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About CaseCamp

CaseCamp is a cloud-based project management solution that allows team members to collaborate remotely and distinguish multiple projects at once.  CaseCamp drives team members and customers to work on the same page to meet deadlines and hit profits. 

Project timelines, budget management, and Gantt charts work together to give a high-level view of projects in process, while to-do lists and calendar integrations remind users of upcoming tasks. Use CaseCamp for bug tracking and the resulting projects. Mobile capabilities give users the freedom to manage projects from anywhere, giving remote and traveling teams a single source of truth for projects. Time and employee tracking help reduce work bottlenecks and keep all parts of the project running smoothly, and can export directly to accounting software.

CaseCamp allows users to choose their own template design for web interface, and installation is available for on-site uses. Pay by the hour programming and technical support is available, and consultation services are available for new users. Users regularly can access reports and review analytics, and sync communication devices across platform. Managers can deploy employee time tracking, create schedules, monitor leave, and ensure qualified team members are assigned to each level of a project. 

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