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About Carestream Dental

Carestream Dental is one of many solutions that is produced by Carestream Health, a company founded in 2007 through the acquisition of Kodak’s Health Group (which has been in business for over 100 years).  Carestream provides solutions for a variety of medical fields including radiology, healthcare information, testing systems, digital imaging, and dental imaging and software.

Their dental arm, Carestream Dental, creates solutions for imaging, 3D modeling, and practice management.  Their CS PracticeWorks software provides practitioners with an intuitive scheduler for their office, allowing office staff to easily set, edit, and view appointments.  CS PracticeWorks allows office staff to generate reports based on various criteria including patient information, schedule information, and practice efficiency.  Claims management is made easier with built-in claims support, and billing is handled through the platform’s ePayments feature.  Both features allow practices the ability to send invoices and claims within minutes, eliminating the need for paper filing or mailing.

Insurance information can be electronically verified for each patient as well, further cutting down on the payment cycle.  And with automatic reminders office staff can be notified as soon as a payment information has been received from a patient, and can choose to send reminders to patients about upcoming appointments.  Carestream Dental also offers a more robust practice management solution called CS SoftDent PracticeWorks, which is designed for multi-doctor practices.  The platform provides all of the same benefits of the CS PracticeWorks solution while scaling the entire platform for use by multiple doctors and offices.  In addition, both solutions offer data backups to ensure that practice documents and patient information is available in the case of a hardware or system failure.

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