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About Inforia CaregiverDesktop EHR

Inforia provides electronic health record (EHR) solutions to meet the needs of specialty medical and surgical practices. Inforia’s CaregiverDesktop EHR is a web-based application that uses a practice’s own forms, chart tabs and workflows to intuitively transition the charting process from a paper based system to an electronic one. This program also helps practices to achieve Meaningful Use certification and qualify for federal incentives.

CaregiverDesktop is easy to use and accessible from any web browser. This feature enables practitioners to move freely within a clinic while securely accessing patient information. To lessen the learning curve for users, CaregiverDesktop electronically recreates the practice’s own documents. These forms, which are already familiar to staff, can then be edited by writing, typing, or drawing onto the form. CaregiverDesktop is compatible with Windows tablet PCs or slate computers. The program’s CPOE, E&M coding guidance, and clinical decision support functions ensure diagnostic accuracy and reduces denied claims. CaregiverDesktop encourages patient engagement and education through its patient portal and includes integrated lab, e-prescribing, and dictation tools that reduce errors, expedite documentation, and provide access to testing results. CaregiverDesktop is HIPAA compliant and ONC certified.

Inforia’s electronic health records solution has helped many practices increase productivity, prevent revenue loss and improve patient care. One of Caregiver’s earlier customers, Farah Dermatology and Cosmetics, needed to implement an efficient electronic health record solution that was user-friendly for staff. After launching Inforia’s EHR solution, Farah Dermatology and Cosmetics was able to increase practice-wide efficiency, streamline workflows and complete Meaningful Use criteria.

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