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About Capabiliti

Capabiliti is a mobile-first platform that is used by companies to enhance their sales productivity by ensuring consistent training, assessment and engagement of their workforce – distributed or otherwise – and tracking their progress easily through rich analytics. Capabiliti is used by companies of all sizes to deliver trainings across geography, at any scale and complexity, on any device, using any format of content; without any IT expertise or support.
You can start with creating a training and/or assessment by uploading an existing video, PPT, PDF or other types of content on easy DIY wizards, and watch it turn into a powerful, interactive training in minutes. Features include assigning courses to specific users, setting start and end dates, set minimum passing grades, and more. The settings are completely configurable to your requirement. Once users are assigned their training courses, they will be able to complete them on any of their web or mobile devices. When users start consuming and completing training programs, you can view their progress at an individual, team, geography and organizational levels. Users do not have to be connected to the Internet at all times to complete their training courses or while providing their inputs in assessments.
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