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About CanIRank

CanIRank is a cloud-based marketing software with a SEO focus, designed to provide actionable insights and recommendations rather than raw data. Built using predictive analytics, research show that CanIRank is more than twice as accurate as legacy SEO tools and is able to predict a website’s ability to rank for a given keyword. 

CanIRank offers a full-service platform to drive predictive SEO and secure more leads. A senior strategist reviews a business’s CanIRank reports and assembles a customized action plan. Users are then matched with a team of specialists in optimization, outreach, content, and social. CanIRank’s user-friendly interface allows clients and team members to both access and contribute, allowing for transparent communication. 

CanIRank features include pay-what-you-use pricing, contract-free collaboration, result tracking, ROI reporting, changing algorithm adaption, and customized software for user websites. Users choose what tasks can be handled in-house, and which to delegate to CanIRank specialists. The contract-free relationship allow managers to start and stop using CanIRank as needed, and maintain a transparent and beneficial relationship. In the planning process, CanIRank identifies the specific opportunities that will make the biggest impact on user rankings, and designs a customized approach to individual SEO. Users have access to weekly progress reports, which include ranking changes and the value of traffic gained. 

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