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About Callegra Callware

Callware, founded in 1994, is an industry-leading provider of unified communication solutions. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Callware services businesses sized from medium to enterprise, including government institutions and multi-national corporations. Callware’s systems conserve time and money by streamlining communications. When Callware split off from its parent company, International Voice Exchange, it introduced Callegra.UC. A few years later, a .NET service was added for customization packages. Several thousand customers have installed Callware products, and they including schools, banks, government institutions, and even Fortune 500 companies.

For large, security-conscious companies, Callegra.UC ┬áis able to ensure that your business’s communications and data are secured to United States Department of Defense (DoD) standards, since Callware’s product is actually used by the United States DoD. In addition to industry-leading security, Callegra’s unified communications solution offers standard features including speech recognition, fax messaging, and a text-to-speech conversion auto attendant: CallegraTTS. This auto attendant service allows calls to easily be routed to the appropriate person and device at a significant cost-savings versus a human receptionist. In addition to traditional voicemail, CallegraTTS can transcribe voice messages and connect callers to the appropriate person via multiple methods, including email, instant messaging, etc.

The United States Department of Defense needed a secure but mobile unified communications solution for their Technical Control Facilities, shipping container sized communications facilities and data centers deployed at military installations or in war zones. After exploring several enterprise options, the DoD selected Callegra.UC JITC COOP Enterprise edition. Callware’s product was the only one to satisfy their requirements that the facility be fully mobile, able avoid an attack while still maintaining communications.

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