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About CallidusCloud MySalesGame

CallidusCloud (officially named Callidus Software Inc.) is a large sales and marketing company that aids small, medium and large businesses in creating more effective sales and marketing campaigns. They offer a wide variety of services including marketing automation, territory and quota management, sales coaching, incentive compensation and more. CallidusCloud is based in California but has offices worldwide.

Among its many services offerings, CallidusCloud provides sales gamification through its MySalesGame platform to businesses looking for tactics to encourage their sales teams and improve productivity. CallidusCloud can create a gamification program for either training or internal processes, depending on the client’s needs. Like many effective gamification programs, CallidusCloud focuses their efforts on creating narrative-based challenges. These missions allow the gamification process to be broken down into more manageable sections while also providing the opportunity for rewards and recognition. Administrators can customize, modify, and change missions whenever and however they see fit. To provide continuity between missions, CallidusCloud offers a points and badges system integrated into its gamification solution. They also provide a leaderboard and activity stream, which allows for easy consolidation of employees’ information about their progress.

Violin Memory, a major provider of memory and storage systems, recently partnered with Callidus Software Inc. Choosing the company’s seven suite solutions, Violin Memory implemented the MySalesGame platform. Using the incentives and gamification strategies inherent in CallidusCloud’s enterprise solution, Violin Memory has improved the skill and efficiency of its sales team, which translated into an increase in customer conversions as well as more positive customer feedback demonstrating improved customer interactions with its sales teams.

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