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About CallidusCloud

CallidusCloud is a global leader in sales and marketing cloud software. Callidus Cloud Marketing Automation focuses on B2B cloud-based lead intelligence, aligning sales and marketing efforts to create more efficient sales funnels for companies of all sizes.

CallidusCloud Marketing Automation is a collaborative cloud-based B2B marketing automation platform that helps organizations generate more qualified leads, enhance lead intelligence, and automate time-consuming marketing processes. Through streamlined website, marketing, lead, and report management, CallidusCloud Marketing Automation drives sales pipeline growth while organizing internal workflow. The product’s primary features give brands the tools necessary to identify and qualify valuable leads based on online behavior. Their product helps brands create conversion-ready websites, multi-channel marketing campaigns, optimized sales funnels, and comprehensive reports. By integrating these key components, CallidusCloud allows brands to reduce their sales cycle time, improve conversion rates, and grow their bottom line.

Adobe, Acorn Energy, HCL America, and many other brands have used this platform to enhance their marketing automation efforts. HCL America is a $6 billion IT services enterprise. For two years, HCL has used CallidusCloud as a central tool in its online marketing campaigns. Asvin Ramesh, Director of Marketing at HCL America, said the online web-building tools are some of the most effective the company has ever used and enjoys the platform’s frequent updates, which allow it to remain relevant in an ever-evolving digital world.

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