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About Cadre Cadence WMS

Cadence WMS is a warehouse and supply chain management system software produced by Cadre Technologies. The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and also has a location in Lenexa, Kansas. Their corporate leaders have spent their careers helping businesses produce profits by fine-tuning their operations.

Cadence WMS is a versatile order management software that guarantees a streamlined operation. The solution is created for logistics that require the¬†presence of third-party fulfillment operations as well as transactions that involve distribution. It allows warehouse businesses to accept orders coming from various customers simultaneously, and the capability to process these multiple orders together in real time. The order processing system can be operated using a cell phone and can be directed using voice recognition technology. This warehouse management software also automates the shipping processes. All operations undertaken for a shipment to be put on the move will be done automatically, including the billing process. It is also fully integrated with the company’s mobile logistics, which will help in the management of warehouse transactions. The manual processes of receiving, picking, managing orders, replenishing and putaway will become fully automated. With putaway matters, this warehouse management system will allow users to quickly identify vacant storage areas in their warehouse. This inventory management software can also be fully integrated with existing systems making usage easy and convenient.

The Cadre Technologies software solution has been used by Axis Global Logistics to deliver kits to soldiers for the USO USO2GO program.

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