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About C&C Associates

C&C Associates Medical Billing provides outsourced medical billing services to providers of any specialty. Based in Pasadena, Texas, C&C serves medical practices across the United States. 

C&C Associates employs medical billers and coders with decades of experience; their staff stays up to date with all regulations in order to assure they’re providing the highest level of service to your practice, and billing by the current laws of the American Medical Association (AMA). They guarantee timely claim follow-up and collections services; C&C’s main goal is to increase your revenue, improve productivity, and create a fitted cycle for your practice and/or facility.

The revenue cycle is the foundation of your company. To assist you with revenue cycle management, C&C can help you update and/or develop your charge master, ensuring you remain competitive with other providers or facilities in your area while still maximizing your reimbursements. 

In addition to billing services and consulting, C&C also can provide EHR training for your staff, beyond the standard onboarding training provided in a vendor-led implementation process. They can guide you through choosing a new EHR, help you create standard operating procedures, and can also re-train your staff on any problem areas within the system from the front office through the back office.Sometimes it does take an outsider to come in and notice problem areas that are affecting your medical organization. C&C will “diagnose” those problem areas and work on strategies to implement effective change management.

We recommend C&C Associates Medical Billing to any medical provider considering outsourcing their medical billing, but especially mental and/or behavioral health professionals operating in the southern U.S. 

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