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About BVDash

BVDash provides an easy-to-use system to track scope, cost, schedule, risks and overall project performance allowing users to access critical project information and find relevant project data quickly. This system uses a dashboard as a primary entry point to view critical data such as budget, schedule and project risks. BVDash also provides a single portal to access all project data and all systems and tools that the project teams are using without requiring extensive training for each individual system.

BVDash’s features include program and project dashboards, issue management, budget tracking, Gantt chart schedules, actions, risk, and messaging abilities. BVDash can connect to third party systems and provide a user-friendly interface to access cost, schedule, risk, and other project management information. BVDash’s communication and collaboration tool provides a messaging system that is linked to key project data, so team members can collaborate effectively and be more productive when addressing project issues. BVDash can alert users to assigned issues, upcoming schedule task, resource usage, delayed milestones and many other important project events. BVDash can also process historical data and provide trend reports and forecast future outcomes based on past project performance.

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