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About BrightWork

BrightWork is a project management software development company that helps its customers to manage every aspect of project, document, and portfolio management. By creating project tracking software for all of a company’s project and portfolio management needs, BrightWork’s project management software can be implemented quickly and easily throughout a company’s existing processes or can be used to institute new processes. BrightWork has been creating its project planning software products since 1995 and provides its services to companies of all sizes and in all industries across the United States and Europe.

Projects and portfolios are easily managed among multiple users with multiple roles thanks to BrightWork’s collaborative project management functions. The flexible work environment allows for multiple users to collaborate simultaneously on a single lane or deliverable, and the project tracking functionality even includes resources for tracking costs and resources in addition to general progress.┬áIt can be integrated with many third-party software solutions, including any version of Microsoft SharePoint.

Companies across the country are finding that BrightWork’s project portfolio management has increased productivity and efficiency. The Children’s Hospital of Boston easily imported their existing projects into BrightWork. BrightWork, as compared to the hospital’s previous software, makes it much simpler and intuitive for employees across the organization to see project status, plan for any potential issues, and easily communicate and collaborate on work with the rest of the team with much less effort than required before. The Children’s Hospital of Boston’s reporting system became self-sustaining by using BrightWork, raising efficiency and productivity throughout the organization.

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