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Product Quick Facts

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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Groupon Breadcrumb POS

Point of sale software can be pricey when a new business is just starting out — that’s where Groupon’s Breadcrumb POS, a customizable iPad point of sale software, comes in. Available for free download to all iPad users, this program has proven to be a valuable resource for many, whether running a restaurant, spa, salon, or any other type of retail store.

The iPad point of sale software features a customizable menu that you can fill in with products, eats, or other kinds of services to fit your need. When it’s time to for the customer to pay, Breadcrumb comes in handy by allowing you to swipe client’s credit cards for a small processing fee of 1.8 percent plus 15 cents per payment, and you can scan bar codes as you would at a more conventional cash register by utilizing the iPad camera. In addition to processing transactions, Breadcrumb can be used as both inventory and employee management software. You can easily track each employee’s performance, assign new roles, and manage your payroll. No matter what you use Breadcrumb for, Groupon provides 24-hour live support, absolutely free of charge.

Breadcrumb POS has successfully allowed Groupon to promote small and local businesses, which is the web-based company’s mission. The company’s main method of achieving this goal is through daily discounts on products and services that they send to clients all over the world, via e-mail and its mobile application. In addition to Groupon’s successes, many small businesses around the globe have found success in using Breadcrumb to broaden their customer base, and the POS software continues to allow for the expansion of local commerce.

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