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About bpm’online business process management

Bpm’online offers a Business Process Management System with out-of-the-box processes for service, sales and marketing.

Processes of any complexity, branched or parallel, can be modeled and run in bpm’online. The platform provides a wide range of technological benefits including open configuration, agile deployment options and easy customization.

The core of the bpm’online platform is its award winning BPM engine. It provides all the necessary tools for the full cycle of process management: design, execution, monitoring and analysis. The innovative BPM engine supports runtime process evolution – modification of running processes. This makes process modification and testing possible on the fly and in the cloud. Out-of-the-box business processes make it easy for companies to jump start adoption of the system and implement industry best practices.

Bpm’online’s visual process designer is a WYSIWYG tool that enables users to easily create, modify and optimize processes of any complexity. BPMN, the most widely used business process notation in the world, guarantees that process diagrams are easy to understand and customize. Processes are designed using preconfigured elements to create activities, work with pages, process data and invoke external services.

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(Last updated on 05/15/2018)

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