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About BoxTone

BoxTone makes enterprise management, and service management solutions for mobile devices. They offer a single platform that covers everything from security to support to operations. They focus primarily on large, enterprise customers: four of the five top global banks, four United States federal agencies, and 42 of the current Fortune 100 companies use BoxTone to manage their employee’s mobile devices.

BoxTone provides a highly-automated service that is designed to let the user ‘set it and forget it.’ It is compatible with iOS, as well as Android devices. They offer a comprehensive solution that not only encompasses mobile device management, but also app management, and has the ability to integrate with BoxTone’s operation management software. The software also allows administrators to whitelist/blacklist applications, push apps to certain devices, and enact uniform passcode and encryption policies. It is flexible and quick enough to simultaneously handle thousands of employees throughout an organization and any required permission changes. The service also makes it easy to wipe devices once employees leave the company, or if the device is lost or stolen.

Oxford University Press uses BoxTone to help control its mobile environment. Like many companies, when they started introducing mobile into their workforce, the number of devices managed was a small percentage; however, as the mobile force grew, it became difficult to manage those devices. In 2006, Oxford University Press chose BoxTone to help manage its mobile needs, and BoxTone has since helped the organization upgrade and fix its mobile infrastructure and strategy.

UPDATE: BoxTone was acquired by Good Technology in mid 2014. Good Technology has folded BoxTone’s offerings into their own, creating one of the largest MDM companies currently in operation. 

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