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About Boston Advanced Analytics

Boston Advanced Analytics, founded as Coping Systems in the early 2000s, develops software for the healthcare industry, including Beacon Specialty EMR, the DELTA patient data analysis tool, and the Revere clinical data registry.

The Beacon electronic medical records (EMR) software is designed to integrate with and extend the functionality of your current healthcare software systems. Beacon EMR includes standard EMR features like automated alerts for skipped or incorrect data, a single-screen dashboard to boost provider efficiency, health maintenance tools, patient scheduling, and more. In addition to the standard features, Beacon EMR also includes some industry leading capabilities, including custom physician sign-off points for treatment, orders, and more, ensuring patient safety. To further increase patient safety, every single point of data entry is tracked and available for audit when using the Beacon software; enabling users to see who last accessed or edited data and when. Beacon EMR also has an option to expand the standard health maintenance capabilities of the software into what Beacon calls an “electronic pedigree”, or a searchable database (complete with billing codes) of patient and family medical history that can be used for both clinical and research purposes.  For fertility clinics, Boston Advanced Analytics offers an embryology lab management system with completely electronic IVF tracking and information management. For cardiologists,  a special stress-test dashboard is included for easy tracking of history and insight into details and measurement changes.

In addition to the Beacon EMR program, Boston Advanced Analytics offers several healthcare business intelligence solutions, including the DELTA analytics tool and the Revere clinical data registry.

DELTA is a web-based system that imports your clinical data and references it against benchmarks in order to generate alerts in case of potentially unsafe devices or procedures. No programming expertise is required to use DELTA; the software includes a walk-through instructional model, and Boston Advanced Analytics’ support team is also available to troubleshoot and answer questions. DELTA makes use of several analytical techniques, including predictive, prospective, regressive, and survival/failure methodologies. The strategic comparative analysis enabled by DELTA reveals best practices for a patient or patient set, whether analyzing a drug, procedure, or device-based treatment program. Easy exporting of data into visualizations makes comprehensive insight easy for any user, even when dealing with ridiculously complex scenarios adjusted for innumerable risk factors. DELTA enables medical research to be carried out more easily by individual providers.

Revere, another data tool from Boston Advanced Analytics, is a warehouse of de-identified patient data imported from clinics and hospitals. Purchasing access to Revere gives providers an invaluable resource: patient data at scale. This enables patient advocacy through tracking of developments in chronic disease treatment and prevention. It extends the analytical capabilities of DELTA, providing a massive amount of additional data for analytical processes.

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