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About Boberdoo

Boberdoo, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider for the lead generation industry since 2000, is based in Chicago, Illinois. Their eponymous lead distribution platform allows you to track, route, and bill for web-based sales leads and/or calls using any set of custom rules. 

Boberdoo clients use the platform to automate the daily tasks of lead distribution, management, billing, accounting, and reporting. Capable of fully automating your lead generation back office tasks, the Boberdoo platform can even handle inbound call routing for clients that sell live phone calls. Many clients advertise their phone numbers on TV, radio, online, or print, and then route them to the platform. Then, Boberdoo reviews and distributes the incoming leads based on custom business rules you create. If you’ve run into technical issues either buying or selling leads in a ping/post vertical, the Boberdoo distribution system offers pinging in multiple formats and hash distribution directives, giving you the reliability and flexibility needed to streamline your process.

We recommend the Boberdoo system to any lead generation firm looking for an automated system to manage their distribution and billing, but especially those firms selling live calls. 

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