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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Bluefish Retail Bluestore Live

Bluefish Retail, based in London, launched out of a desire to support small businesses with easy-to-use, affordable point of sale software. The founders had experience working with name brand retailers in the past and noticed that all of the big players had access to powerful retail point of sale software. These options were out of reach for many small business owners, so the team at Bluefish stepped up to the challenge. They wanted to create a system that helped independent business owners achieve their financial goals and manage their stores with a simple, powerful solution. That’s why they created Bluestore Live. Bluestore Live is a cloud-based point of sale software built specifically for small and medium sized businesses. Instead of using outdated cash registers, small business owners can use mobile technology the same way their large competitors do. The biggest benefit of this point of sale software is the ability to both sell and track inventory. For sales, you don’t need any special training. Accept credit cards, place orders and send receipts from your device. Then, use the same platform to monitor deliveries, adjust inventory and keep count of your company’s stock. The product management software easily integrates with any system that supports Java. It doesn’t matter if your company uses Macs, PCs or anything in between. Just set up the cloud-based POS software and you’ll be running with the same technology used by some of the most tech-savvy retailers in the world.

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