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Product Quick Facts

Industry Specialties
Banking / Accounting / Financial, Government / Public Administration, Legal, Real Estate
Works Best For
Any Sized Businesses

About Blue Relay

Blue Relay, by Indellient,  is a powerful suite of workflow and document management tools that simplifies the document approval process & improves quality and compliance with business or regulatory procedures.

Blue Relay is often deployed by firms in the insurance, financial, legal, real estate, government,  or energy sectors  — any highly-regulated industry. Blue Relay reviews make it easy to visualize workflows and gain approvals from all stakeholders, improving visibility, productivity, accuracy, and compliance. Whether you need to establish rules for document routing, compare versions, or make annotations, Blue Relay can accelerate the approval process by streamlining collaboration. 

Blue Relay was designed to adapt to your businesses’ unique needs; the two-way API makes it easy to integrate Blue Relay with legacy solutions for real-time communication. Examples include SharePoint integration, customer communications, production services, and more. 

We recommend Blue Relay to any business looking for a document management and approvals solution, but especially highly-regulated firms seeking a digital asset management solution. 

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