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About IDS BizScheduler

A subsidiary of Integrity Data Systems, BizScheduler online scheduling software was launched in 2005. With over 30 years’ experience in the computer industry, founder Kyle Geiger has helped engineer such industry-changing technologies as Microsoft’s Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and wrote the software guide INSIDE ODBC from Microsoft Press. BizScheduler pulls on this industry-expertise to provide businesses with powerful and easy-to-use software for non-technical users. Integrity Data Systems uses Intuit Technology and is an official Quickbooks Professional Partner. Such partnerships and integrations allow users to easily adjust to working with schedules, billing and payment processes, and customer relationship management through BizScheduler.

BizScheduler is an easy-to-use online scheduling software, but it goes further in order to address all the needs of its users. It offers unlimited custom fields in order to create detailed customer profiles for more detailed record keeping. It is also entirely modern in its use of multimedia – such as photos – in order to embellish customer profiles. Emails can also be attached in order to give a fuller picture of customer interaction and monitor the history of interactions. It is details like this that make BizScheduler a powerful and satisfying CRM software. Users can send work instructions with maps attached, save and repeatedly deploy recurring jobs, access job information via mobile phone, and schedule tasks. BizScheduler is cloud-based with technical services included, and most users praise the ease-of-use of this CRM software. BizScheduler goes beyond being a simple online scheduling software by having access levels that restrict who sees what. Finally, BizScheduler completes its duties to users by also acting as a billing software. In the end, it is a comprehensive and satisfying application for small and medium businesses.

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