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About BizPart Engage

BizPart Engage is an engagement management platform designed for use by enterprise level clients within a corporation. This platform provides large businesses with engagement tools that inspire improved production, enriched brand loyalty, and increased sales, making BizPart Engage appealing to companies seeking to drive long term engagement and improve communication among employees.

BizPart Engage’s platform is user-friendly and combines incentives, socialization and learning to enhance employee engagement. Designed to drive improved performance through intrinsic motivation, BizPart Engage offers employees learning opportunities, tangible rewards, progress reports and ongoing direct feedback. The structure of BizPart Engage’s platform also streamlines company-wide communication through its social features. Engagement between employees is also supported through the platform’s blog, newsletter and company forum. In BizPart Engage’s program, users can easily find answers to questions through a unique support ticket system, while activities completed within the engagement portal are rewarded with company-defined incentives. Top performers receive points and badges, progress to new levels and monitor their progress on branded leader boards. In addition to boosting company-wide engagement, businesses also receive the benefit of investing in their employees through ongoing training and professional development programs.

Trusted by global brands, BizPart Engage provides a platform through which companies can increase employee engagement, retention rates and the quality of service provided to customers. One of BizPart Engage’s earlier customers, a large manufacturer of home electronics, was struggling to gain a competitive advantage in their industry. By implementing BizPart Engage’s engagement management platform, this leading brand was able to improve the quality and expertise of sales representatives while benefitting from increased productivity.

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