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About Actuate BIRT Analytics

Actuate is a company that provides software solutions to millions of developers and OEMs across the world. Actuate’s software helps these developers build secure, scalable solutions that improve brand image and save time. Improving productivity and delivering personalized analytics is at the heart of what Actuate does.

Actuate is a leader in the big data analytics industry. It provides integrated web-based business intelligence (BI) solutions for various problems or challenges through unique and proven software platforms. Actuate’s own BIRT iHub cloud server can handle large amounts of unique data simultaneously. It was one of the first big data analytics solutions on the market, and it still delivers high quality results. BIRT Analytics is known for its ability to quickly load, organize, store, and interpret data for any type of business. Actuate prides its platform on high performance, fast results, real-time data mining, accurate predictions, and broad distribution. It is ideally suite for sales analysis, such as customer churn, or marketing analysis, such as campaign effective. BIRT Analytics allows the business user to segment data fast, create profiles, and make predictions of future outcomes all against any big data source.

A number of high profile clients have chosen Actuate for their big data analytics solutions, including NASCO. NASCO’s goal was to cut development costs by 50%, while improving the experience of the end user. They chose Actuate’s BIRT platform to improve their data pulling, storing, and analyzing capabilities. Using BIRT, NASCO was able to successfully accomplish their goals and improve the company’s functionality.

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