Back-office management software for staffing agencies
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BilfloProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of Bilflo
  3. Cons of Bilflo
  4. Breakdown of core features

Bilflo product overview

Bilflo is back-office management and business intelligence software designed for staffing agencies. It provides one integrated solution that fits into different ecosystems. The solution interfaces front-office processes, such as ATS and CRM, with back-office operations, like time management, payroll, and accounting.

Bilflo automates back-office workload and aggregates all workforce data from various systems into comprehensive business intelligence so users can manage the performance and profitability of the business.

Pros of Bilflo

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  • Bilflo offers an integrated solution that gives companies the freedom to work with their current ecosystem and still take advantage of automation services.
  • The software manages the ongoing relationship between the contractor, client, and staffing agency.

Cons of Bilflo

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  • Bilflo may have a steep learning curve to those inexperienced with using a BPM tool.

Breakdown of core features

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Integrated solution

Bilflo combines all the data in one unified system of record. The software delivers open APIs to connect with applicant tracking systems, payroll providers, and accounting software, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Bilflo allows various tools and processes to work together seamlessly.

Timekeeping management

The software makes manual timesheets and timecards unnecessary and establishes compliance. It provides built-in timekeeping features and manages pay rates, burdens, expenses, and overtime rules for 50 states. In addition, other timekeeping systems can be directly uploaded into Bilflo, streamlining the process and reducing redundant work.

Invoice delivery

Bilflo supports consolidated vs. individual invoicing and anything in between. It automatically generates client invoices attached with detailed timecards and supporting documents. Invoices are delivered electronically with a click of a button to both clients and accounting software.

Business intelligence

Bilflo consolidates and tracks sales and recruiting activity as well as time and rates from various systems. It also unifies sales and gross profit. The software offers business intelligence for individuals, team performance, and overall organizational health.

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Quick Facts

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    All Industries, Staffing / Recruiting
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    Any Sized Businesses





  • One integrated solution
  • Invoice delivery
  • Business intelligence
  • Timekeeping management
  • Simple user interface


  • Open API integrations

Pricing Model

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  • Plus
  • Enterprise


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