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About BigDoor

Founded in 2009, BigDoor believes in the process of reciprocal loyalty, or the idea that loyalty should go both ways. Customers demonstrate their loyalty to businesses through repeat patronage. Businesses can stay loyal to their customers by giving back, typically in the form of rewards. This kind of acknowledgement helps businesses build better relationships with their customers, which is what BigDoor specializes in. Predicated on enabling brands to deepen engagement with their customers, build loyalty programs that deliver meaningful rewards, and harness the power of social advocacy, BigDoor’s platform works through a white-label API.

BigDoor’s services take two main forms: loyalty programs and loyalty campaigns. A loyalty program helps businesses build better relationships with their customers by incorporating game elements in the form of tasks and quests. After users complete a quest, businesses can provide them with instant feedback in the form of badges and points. A loyalty campaign distills the concepts of the loyalty program to encourage a narrow set of actions from users – usually actions that correlate to business objectives. Loyalty campaigns also allow businesses to offer prizes other than points, increasing the freedom to tailor rewards to a particular audience. BigDoor’s loyalty platform also features analytics capabilities that allow clients to A/B test their loyalty initiatives and measure the results. Their platform features a WordPress Plugin and a Minibar implementation, along with cross-device compatibility. In addition to being one of the most robust loyalty programs on the market, BigDoor’s API is also simple: the company estimates that businesses can add gamification to their site in just five minutes.

In 2011, Major League Baseball wanted to increase fan engagement on to build momentum going in to the new season. MLB chose BigDoor as a partner and together they implemented a rewards system predicated on bronze, silver and gold badges for playing MLB’s online game. Over the course of the 2011 season, MLB awarded over 5 million badges and was even able to implement business sponsorship of the badges, which lead to an increase in revenue and excellent return on investment.

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