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Small Sized Businesses

About BIG4Books

BIG4books is an online accounting software program developed by BIG4 Systems. The company provides online bookkeeping software to small businesses at very affordable prices and designed its online accounting software in a way that keeps everything secure. BIG4books is available to clients as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Being an SaaS application, BIG4books online accounting software eliminates client expenses related to the maintenance and upgrading of hardware and system equipment. BIG4books is available in three different packages. The first, called Bronze, is available as a free service. Though it incorporates many of the features of the pay packages, it limits the number of customer and vendor records and inventory items to five, and it is intended for a single user. It is also, however, a cost effective online bookkeeping software solution for individuals who run a business from home.

The BIG4books Silver package allows for as many as twenty individual customer, vendor and inventory item records. It is an affordable small business accounting software program for use by up to four non-administrative client employees. The BIG4books Gold product does not restrict the number of customer, vendor and inventory entries. It accommodates as many as 50 users, comes with full email and telephone support and even allows clients to disable sponsored ads. All BIG4books versions are accessible to clients from anywhere and include data protection.

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