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Small Sized Businesses

About Batchbook

BatchBook is a social customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to help small businesses interact with its customers and build long-term relationships. Based in Rhode Island, Batchbook has users from all around the world.

The software is cloud-based, and can be used from almost any device. It also fully integrates with popular services  such as Facebook, LinkedIN, Eventbrite, and Twitter. Batchbook’s platform is designed as a comprehensive solution for small business CRM needs, with a focus on social interactions. Contacts can be imported by simply dragging-and-dropping files from Excel or most contact software (using vCards), resulting in little to no setup time. Built in order-tracking lets users view all pending sales and sales related information from one central dashboard, where leads can be moved through the sales process. As a cloud-based service, Batchbook is compatible with almost any device, and is optimized for mobile screens. The contact management software integrates social media data, allowing users to view their correspondence with potential leads over any medium including Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Custom data can also be entered at any point. Additionally, Batchbook lets users assign projects or tasks to various team members, and can remind them about upcoming goals or meetings with automated text or email alerts.

Batchbook is used by many small companies to help automate workflow and track customer interactions. Author Joel Orr, for instance, has used this solutions to help him track responses to his work across social channels. In a testimonial for their site, he writes “I cannot imagine how I would manage all these relationships without Batchbook”.

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