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About B2W Track

B2W Software creates project management software for construction companies.  Their software is tailored for use for transportation, water, sewer, petroleum, and telecommunications construction.  B2W creates four main products that each provide unique benefits to workflow enhancement and project management.  B2W Track is their main software product for the complete tracking and monitoring of projects.  The platform provides a suite of features that allow project managers and companies to track finances, quotes/bids, payroll, and onsite workflow management.  One of the key features B2W Track is their mobile application that allows team members to track project deliverables in real-time from the field.  With the application, users can update information from the field, and can even record information in offline mode if internet connectivity is unreliable or unavailable.

B2W Track provides easy-to-use dashboards for easier visualization of information and deliverables.  The dashboards can be customized to each project’s workflow, allowing companies to select and see which key deliverables are most important for them.  Project managers can set security access levels for team members, allowing them to control how much information that each user can see.  Permission settings makes it easy to focus team members on the specific tasks and deliverables that they have been assigned to, while blocking anything else that is not relevant to their work.

Companies utilizing B2W Track are able to manage payroll through the platform.  The payroll feature moves a company from paper timecards to digital ones, giving managers much more flexibility in reporting and monitoring.  Once field logs have been submitted the information becomes immediately available.  The system checks the field logs with previous submissions and looks for errors or overlapping data, helping to reduce hours that double up.  And all system information can be analyzed in comprehensive reports that are tailored for project managers and estimators, giving them a better overview of how the project is progressing.

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