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About Azzier

Azzier, by Tero, is a web-based, feature-rich maintenance and asset management platform. Operating for over 30 years, Tero is based in British Columbia, Canada.

Azzier developed out of the first commercially-available, web-based CMMS platform, Web Work by Tero. Having improved on the first platform, Tero positions Azzier as the “premiere” asset and maintenance management system, due to its exclusive use of advanced web programming. Mobile device connectivity is built into the core programming, and the platform is responsive, so it can be easily viewed on any device. Designed for organizations with the most demanding asset maintenance, scheduling, planning, and corporate interfacing requirements, Azzier is a true enterprise asset management platform. 

Unlike “out-of-the-box” computerized maintenance management software systems that impose restrictions on you, the end user, Azzier is tailored to your specific and unique needs. Each screen, field, module, and feature within the Azzier Asset Maintenance Management system is unique to each user, group, or department. From plant to facilities maintenance, Azzier will tailor itself to meet your operational and asset maintenance needs. 

We recommend Azzier to any organization looking for a flexible, 100 percent web-based asset and maintenance management system, but especially those larger enterprises looking for a solution to multiple business processes or areas. 

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