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About Azurepath

Azurepath, a cloud-based customer relationship and lead management solution, was launched in 2015. Azurepath was created as a modern alternative to outdated, expensive, time-sucking CRM software. Azurepath reduces time spent on data entry; the affordable, user-friendly system offers batch data import and editing, automated lead queuing, and one-touch performance and cash flow insights to help grow your business. 

Built from the ground up for today’s mobile-focused world, Azurepath delivers a seamless experience across devices: computers, tablets, or smartphones. Leads are managed in a real-time, visual queue that eliminates the need for separate task management or calendar functions; everything works through the pipeline view, and performance trends, sales reports, and Azurepath reviews data automatically to generate insights directly from the lead pipeline.

Going beyond traditional CRM, Azurepath also offers automated and accurate cash forecasting (up to 6 months in advance) tied to pipeline opportunities. This financial visibility helps reduce worry when making key business decisions, and lets you quickly see the cash flow impact of each deal. 

We recommend Azurepath to any organization with an inside or mobile sales team, but especially those organizations looking for a CRM that also includes cash forecasting. 

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