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About Azalead

Azalead is an Account Based Marketing solution that allows users to focus their display and retargeting ads efforts on their most important accounts. Users can reach, teach, and engage people within target accounts from inquiry to close. Azalead’s ABM advertising application allows users to select their target accounts, upload their creative and launch both IP advertising and retargeting programs.

With Azalead, sales reps have a competitive advantage because they are the first to know when their target accounts engage with a website, ads or emails. Users will see a multi-channel buyer journey for each of their target accounts. Azalead’s sales enablement tools are available as a Web App, IOS, Android or through integration with CRM tools such as or Microsoft Dynamics.

Azalead enables account-based website personalization aimed at increasing engagement with target accounts and allowing customers to enjoy a more memorable buying experience. Through its API, Azalead serves up personalized welcome messages, pre-filled web forms, and industry specific marketing assets even for first time anonymous visitors.

Azalead provides dashboards and reports to measure marketing impact at an account level -including awareness, engagement, sales pipeline and revenue growth. Azalead tracks account website visits even if they never fill in a web form. Its sensors collect account engagement data across all digital contact points including website, email marketing, corporate email, and ads. Azalead’s AI technology leverages a Company IP & Cookie database to detect anonymous buyer activity.

Azalead integrates with CMS, CRM, and Marketing applications including Salesforce, Pardot, Microsoft Dynamics, Eloqua, Act-On, HubSpot,  ClickDimensions, Marketo, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Appnexus.

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