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About Ayogo

Ayogo provides gamification services specifically for the healthcare industry. Ayogo aims to combine game psychology with preventative care to engage, educate, and empower patients. Not only does Ayogo help patients improve their overall health through behavioral changes, they also help insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare providers control and improve their profit margins.

Ayogo’s gamification platform, Empower, is an out of the box solution that holds value for patients and health researchers alike. Through game mechanics, Ayogo aids patients that have been newly diagnosed with a chronic illness change their behavior to adapt to their new condition. Ayogo’s social interactions motivate patients to adopt new wellness habits and reinforce lifestyle changes by sharing self-reported events online. Ayogo’s patient changing strategies also work through surveys and games that provide actionable, educational information on healthy behavior. Empowering users with this information, Ayogo motivates patients take steps to improving their own health by creating personal goals or group goals, Rather than individual rewards, Ayogo is unique in that it shows personal rewards as part of a community achievement. Both intuitive and broad, Ayogo’s gamification platform can be integrated for use on nearly any mobile device or computer.

The American non-profit peer support group for women, DiabetesSisters, approached Ayogo about designing a better match program within its community. Ayogo developed a new matchmaking algorithm based on user input. Since implementing the new algorithm, the community has completed more than 17,000 activity questions and has reported improvement in user’s online experience and online support network.

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