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About Ayata

Ayata is a software company on a global scale that offers fully functional software for prescriptive analytics. With their product, they aid corporations in making better business decisions by predicting future outcomes. Ayata primarily serves the oil and gas, healthcare, high tech, and telecom and cable industries. They boast a deep client list that includes companies such as Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, and Apache Corp.

Ayata Prescriptive Analytics goes beyond traditional analytics to help businesses make more strategic decisions. Traditional analytics are descriptive, which means that they analyze events in the past, or predictive, which means that they predict what will happen in the future. The next and final phase of analytics is prescriptive analytics, which analyzes big data to determine the available options and predict the impact of each possible choice. With Ayata Prescriptive Analytics, corporations can harness big data to not only predict future events, but predict the consequences of their business decisions. The Ayata software processes hybrid data, which is both structured and unstructured data.

In one case, Microsoft used Ayata Prescriptive Analytics to successfully launch a new product, Office 365, in a poor economic climate. Working closely with Ayata, Microsoft was able to better predict customer adoption of this new software and its potential impact on requests for service. This allowed Microsoft to better plan for customer behavior and service needs, leading to a successful product launch.

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