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AuvikProduct Overview

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  4. Breakdown of core features

Auvik product overview

Auvik is cloud-based network management software that keeps IT networks running optimally. It streamlines and simplifies network monitoring and troubleshooting, allowing users to connect to business-critical resources.

Auvik provides immediate access to network topology mapping along with key performance indicators. Businesses can create custom, automated alerts based on their needs. The software also offers bandwidth stats to keep networks up and running through traffic spikes.

The platform pulls traffic data from any device that supports NetFlow v5, NetFlow v9, J-Flow, IPFIX, or sFlow. It shows who’s on the network, what they’re doing, and where their traffic is going.

Pros of Auvik

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  • Teams can prevent, detect, and resolve issues quickly and get notified proactively with pre-configured monitoring and alerts from Auvik.
  • The platform lets companies know what’s on their network and discover distributed IT assets. Users can view device connections, understand network configurations, and monitor changes.

Cons of Auvik

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  • Some users encounter issues with the platform’s network mapping functionality.

Breakdown of core features

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Network visibility and IT asset management

Companies can complete their network picture in minutes with Auvik’s automated mapping, inventory, and documentation. The software automates network discovery to give complete network visibility and control. It keeps all information up to date as the network evolves.

Auvik pulls data from CDP, LLDP, and forwarding tables to meticulously model the Layer 1 network diagram. Layers 2 and 3 are built from ARP tables, IP assignments, and VLAN associations to show what’s on the network, where it is, and how it’s connected.

Hardware lifecycle data

Auvik enables organizations to identify devices that need upgrading or replacement. It pulls lifecycle data from supported devices to present current or expired support contracts. It allows users to know if there are more up-to-date software versions available and if devices are eligible to receive critical security updates or are still available for purchase.

Alerts and notifications

Businesses can stay on top of network events with pre-configured and customizable alerts from Auvik. After deployment, the system begins monitoring the network with various alerts tuned to industry best practices. Users can tweak pre-configured alerts, add their own, and choose how often they receive notifications.

Network traffic analysis

Auvik TrafficInsights delivers deep visibility into traffic flows across the network. This feature leverages machine learning and traffic classification to show which applications — like Dropbox, Netflix, or Slack — or protocols use up the bulk of the network’s bandwidth. It enables users to make the case for a network upgrade or expansion.

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Quick Facts

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  • Network Visibility and IT Asset Management
  • Network Configuration Backup
  • Network Navigation
  • Distributed Site Management
  • Network Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Remote Network Management


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