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About Atta

Atta brought team learning into the digital era with its award-winning web application that helps train and motivate students to learn in a team-based environment. Today, Atta continues to innovate, and has entered the corporate engagement marketplace with its application they claim will “revolutionize the way organizations motivate, engage, and empower people” through socialization, team-building, and personal growth.

Atta is an innovative gamification platform that combines teamwork with mobile technologies to transform obligation into motivation. It’s a social network where employees’ teams must solve problems, take on projects, and participate in other motivational activities, all of which are designed to be winnable only through team collaboration. The Atta gamification algorithm helps automatically design a custom program for your team  — no coaching or managing: Atta takes care of the entire program.

We recommend Atta to companies of all sizes that are looking to gamify tedious tasks, especially those already utilizing a collaborative team working environment. The automation inherent in the platform makes it a good fit for companies with larger workforces, multiple teams, or those who want to employ team-based learning strategies. 

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