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About Astute Social

Astute Social combines social listening, analytics, publishing, audience engagement, and ad management into a single platform. There is often a disconnect between social media teams and the overall marketing department, and an even larger disconnect with customer service. However, customers who tweet a complaint aren’t aware of such internal distinctions; they just want a resolution. Astute Social bridges those gaps, allowing you to provide the answers your customers seek.

Key Benefits of Astute Social:

Engagement within the tool (Social or CRM)

With Astute Social, engaging directly with consumers has never been easier. Once a post is identified to be escalated, Astute Social gives a variety of options to make sure the best person responds to the consumer and those responses are tracked. For example, the social media manager can respond within Astute Social and the response will be captured in the software and published on the native social platform. Alternatively, if the software is integrated with the CRM, a case can be created. If the CRM is Astute ePowerCenter, the integration is bi-directional, meaning an agent’s response through the CRM will be automatically recorded in Astute Social and published to the native social platform. Finally, if a post needs to be escalated to someone who does not use either Astute Social or the CRM (such as the legal team), an email can be sent automatically to the department or person in question. They can reply to the email, and that response will be captured in the CRM and Astute Social, and published to the social platform.

Noise canceling for social media

The immediacy of social media demands that brands respond quickly, whether to a question, a complaint, or a revenue opportunity, but this is impossible without some kind of automation. Astute Social is designed to filter through the noise and identify who needs attention. The software leverages natural language processing technology to discern which posts are just more noise and which are urgent, relevant, and/or actionable.

Closed loop social marketing

We are living in a world of immediate feedback. Astute Social provides this same level of feedback by offering both ad management and listening in the same platform. Marketers are able to launch a campaign directly within Social, monitor the results, and then make adjustments in real-time while the campaign is still running.

Auto discovery

When Astute Social is configured, you decide which initial platforms will be monitored. While listening to those sites, the crawlers look for links or references to other sites that may be relevant. For example, if a tweet has a link to a blog, the system will then go crawl the blog. If there are relevant mentions about what the brand is tracking, this site will now be part of the ecosystem of information being monitored for the brand.

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