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About Aprimo

Aprimo is a marketing automation platform from Teradata, a company focused on helping business leaders, IT professionals, data scientists, and marketing leaders address complex online marketing issues. Headquartered in Dayton, OH, Teradata acquired Aprimo to serve as its business-to-consumer and B2B marketing software developer. Teradata’s primary goal is to help organizations gather and analyze data in order to expand their business.

Aprimo helps businesses run their marketing campaigns more efficiently. By unifying budget allocation, workflow, and lead analytics into a single platform, brands can simplify the marketing process while improving their bottom line. Aprimo focuses on data-driven marketing, which allows business owners and marketing directors to make the most informed decisions possible. Their platform harnesses the power of big-data analytics to help brands understand customer preference, cultivate leads, and engage loyal clients. Aprimo’s solutions address marketing operations, digital messaging, campaign management, marketing analytics, and data management. Companies that integrate Aprimo into their strategy experience greater ROI and impressive revenue increases.

Ace Hardware Corporation needed a marketing solution to combat stagnation in their marketplace. New customer insights and retail focus gave Ace Hardware the tools necessary to boost business performance. After implementing Aprimo, Ace Hardware experienced 5.4 percent business growth in 2005, its largest year-to-year growth in nearly a decade. Since then, Ace has prioritized enterprise data marketing.



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