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AppSimilarProduct Overview

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AppSimilar product overview

AppSimilar is a free mobile phone application analysis tool. It’s based on the analysis of huge market App cloud data, and it guides app marketers on how to analyze user behavior. In addition, it can help monitor the information of other App applications, such as DUA, Rating, Reviews, Facebook, Version, Released, and other information, to monitor the behavior of competing products and optimize your promotion strategy.

Pros of AppSimilar

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AppSimilar is completely free of charge.

Cons of AppSimilar

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AppSimilar summarizes the data of different ranking intervals. You can see the distribution status of the rankings. Knowing where your app is most of the time, this is a way to expose problems and is suitable for data-sensitive product managers. The country’s ranking distribution allows global app managers to understand the rankings of different countries. According to the cultural differences in different countries, users are accustomed to making fine adjustments to products in a timely manner, allowing the App perform well in every country.

Breakdown of core features

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Ranking Charts & Ratings

Provide your application’s ranking tracking chart by time, category, and country. Go to Rankings page to view regional ranking, AppSimilar covers most countries and regions.

Reviews & ratings can reflect the user performance of your app, and understand the user’s ideas most directly. AppSimilar counts the number of ratings for each star and the total number of reviews. You can glean insights from competitors’ app reviews and inform your own mobile strategy.


The data of daily active users is the most direct indicator of whether the app is successful in the market or not. AppSimilar provides the number of daily active users related to the app within a specified time. Thus, you can refer to the data to acquire and retain customers, prioritize your roadmap, enter new markets, and optimize ROI.

ASO & Keywords

For better service, AppSimilar provides keyword analysis for apps. The choice of keywords has a decisive effect on the ranking of the application in the store. AppSimilar recommends some of the most relevant keywords and metrics for your app including keyword difficulty, traffic, opportunity, popularity.

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