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About AppNeta

AppNeta offers a unified, SaaS-based platform providing complete end-user experience monitoring for business critical applications. Using AppNeta, you’ll get the complete performance picture from the user, through the network, to the application. 

AppNeta monitors the three key elements of application performance: 

  • Experience: Simulating end-user application experience with synthetic transactions
  • Delivery: Continuous monitoring of the application delivery path
  • Usage: Automatic, continuous identification of all apps in use


  • Better end-user experience: Get last-mile performance visibility
  • Faster ROI and more productivity: Make sure business-critical applications are highly performing for employees.
  • Cut downtime and costs: See both application and network performance issues anywhere.

AppNeta combines core and patented technologies to create a platform built for monitoring the distributed digital enterprise. Our technologies include our TruPath technology, Deep Packet Inspection engine and advanced Selenium-based scripting. AppNeta handles billions of transactions and deliver insights in seconds. AppNeta also integrates and works with your existing tools. Deployment is fast and flexible allowing you to roll out the AppNeta Performance Manager in a fraction of the time of other systems. 

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