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About AppBlade

AppBlade is a mobile device management (MDM) platform that allows businesses to easily distribute and manage applications, users, and devices during app development and live deployment. AppBlade provides larger enterprises in a variety of industries with the tools it needs to better supervise, monitor, and protect its mobile device ecosystem.

AppBlade supports iOS, Android, and Blackberry as well as AppleTV, Kindle Fire, Nook, OSX, Windows, and Linux desktop. Using AppBlade’s central dashboard, users can remotely add a layer of encryption or wipe an entire device. Furthermore, AppBlade offers businesses the tools it needs to securely distribute and manage applications. The configuration process is simple, and many actions, such as build uploads, notifications, and project management tasks, can even be
automated through AppBlade’s API or open source software development kit (SDK). Advanced features include administrator management, crash reports, collaboration capabilities, and directory tools.

HubSpot, a marketing automation company, uses AppBlade to distribute iPad apps across its internal devices. The company chose AppBlade for its speed and app update capabilities. Using AppBlade’s solution, Hubspot was able to monitor the health of the app, the number of crashes, and various other quality metrics. This has helped HubSpot focus on the quality of the app, rather than distribution logistics.

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