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About Annex Cloud

Since 2010, Annex Cloud has provided more than 250 leading brands and retailers with the ability to engage tens of millions of customers one-to-one at scale.

Annex Cloud’s customer marketing platform provides fully integrated Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solutions. Each solution works together to optimize the customer journey and deliver a unified customer experience. The Annex Cloud platform delivers a greater quantity and quality of referrals and content, and more resilient customer relationships.

Customer Loyalty Cloud

Annex Cloud’s Customer Loyalty solution delivers full online, in-store, app-based and social and behavioral loyalty functionality. The end-to-end loyalty solution is designed to engage customers and motivate them to choose your brand no matter where they are shopping. Annex Cloud’s experience-based approach empowers you to reward your customers throughout their customer journey- from purchasing to writing reviews, referring friends, connection through social channels and much more to build genuine, lifelong loyalty.

Referral Marketing

Whether you want your referral program to reward for referral-driven purchases, offer an extra treat to your customer who just bought or reward referred customers for signing up for your email list, you can implement a variety of referral actions across numerous channels. Referral marketing with Annex Cloud is a completely customizable solution that works for your team and delivers on your goals.

User Generated Content

Collect more effective user generated content with Annex Cloud’s comprehensive solutions. A powerful solicitation engine, robust A/B testing, inline SEO integration, and intelligent reporting combine to create the strategy and functionality necessary to make a measurable impact your bottom line. Plus, innovative sentiment analysis unearths customer insights to help improve everything from merchandising to marketing and customer service.

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