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About iSolutions AMT One

iSolutions International is providing solutions that are Framework® methodologies. The company is marked as a leader in the production of computerized maintenance management software. Its systems have been used by many infrastructure companies in improving productivity and efficiency.

AMT One is a computerized maintenance management software produced by iSolutions International. This software is designed for mining companies, construction firms, earth moving equipment businesses and small and large-scale dealers. The features of this asset management software are intuitive solutions to level up start-to-end structured processes. This computerized maintenance management software will also provide a clear and comprehensive report on a company’s real-time performance as well as a concise forecast of costs. AMT One is easy to install and can be quickly streamlined to any currently used system. It has a user-friendly interface, and users can also get rid of the complex spreadsheets and systems used in managing a business’s finances. This CMMS software provides total visibility of the status of a client’s assets and the operations that require maintenance.

AMT One can be adjusted in accordance with a system’s growing needs. Its basic functions can be extended up to thousands of users depending on business requirements. Sets of standard operating procedures needed for management can be easily integrated with this computerized maintenance management software. The system comes as a fully cloud-based solution to reduce the cost of additional personnel. To provide flexibility, this computerized management software can be fully integrated to other systems for accounting, inventory, dispatching and more.

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