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About Amperity

Amperity provides Business Intelligence software with a revolutionary way for companies to manage customer data. Amperity provides state-of-the-art identity resolution capabilities for the richest customer profiles possible. Amperity scales to the volume of company data, processing trillions of customer records, daily, securely, and with the compliance required by an organization. Amperity is designed to adapt to each user — sources,  formats,  unique data,  use cases — evolving with users over time as technologies change, providing the flexible and future-proof customer data foundation necessary.

Amperity ingests data raw, regardless of format, without pre-built connectors or fixed schemas. This approach allows the software to rapidly bring together data from any source, taking full advantage of existing data, teams, and tooling.

Amperity uses state-of-the-art identity resolution capabilities, driven by machine learning, to discern connections and unify data, even when it’s incomplete, inconsistent, and lacks linking keys across systems.

Amperity is designed to plug into existing tooling, data, and use cases. This means the solution gives users a choice of cloud, AWS or Azure, and never requires users to “rip and replace” existing systems.

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