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About Amity

Amity, based in Toronto, Canada, develops customer success software targeted at SaaS companies designed to help improve conversions, shorten and streamline onboarding, increase customer retention, and reduce the cost of customer acquisition. Combining workflow automation with business intelligence, Amity helps maximize the lifetime value of each of your customers. 

Amity helps manage the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition to retention, and can track customer engagement and quantify customer value to help your SaaS company get customers, keep customers, and grow customers. Amity works by integration with your SaaS product. Amity reviews activity and user engagement, and reports on at-risk customers, upsell opportunities, and a host of custom and pre-built analytics. Unlike simple helpdesk or customer relationship management solutions, Amity provides feedback on the bigger picture: customer engagement with your product and your brand. Use Amity on its own, or integrate it with a number of popular CRMs, helpdesk platforms, and other applications to unlock even more value. 

We recommend Amity to any SaaS company looking to increase customer retention, develop rich customer profiles for the purposes of marketing and/or product development, or manage the big picture of the customer lifecycle with a customer-centric focus. 

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