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Ally.ioProduct Overview

  1. About
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  4. Breakdown of core features product overview is an OKR (objectives and key results) goal management software that keeps teams aligned and focused on goals. allows you to create and update objectives and key results in the tools your teams are already using. You can create organizational alignment with top-down and bottoms-up cascading and ensure every team and individual is working together toward the top priorities of the organization. strengthens transparency and accountability through flexible reporting and data-driven insights, giving you clarity to understand performance and progress against goals.

Pros of

Back to top ↑ allows you to manage OKRs inside the collaboration tools where day-to-day work is happening. Native integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams means teams don’t have to open another tool and spend time tracking progress manually. In addition, provides other HRIS and data integrations with popular business applications, authentication providers, and human resource information systems such as Salesforce, Jira, Smartsheet, Asana, ZenDesk, Hubspot, DOMO and Tableau, among others.

Cons of

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Toggling between views can be awkward.

Breakdown of core features

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Goal setting

Create OKRs for all levels of the organization and virtual teams. Manage OKRs with a workflow approval process and add OKR dependencies. Support multi-alignment for OKRs and visualize alignment and dependencies with Chart View. Give different weights to different results and choose between flexible scoring options.

Performance tracking & insights

Users can update their goals from web, mobile, or Slack. Planing and check-ins can be confirmed to meet the desired cadence. Smart alerts and automated reminders keep people up to date. OKR updates can be delegated and users can follow individual team OKRs and receive updates. Provide real-time feedback to updates and compare progress to previous quarters or years. Completed OKRs can then be scored. A rich reporting platform allows you to run reports against historical quarters or years. Built-in reports make it easier to gauge success with chart views. Export reports to share and embed.


Users can track and update OKRs using platforms like Slack that are already integral to their workflow. Integrations can be set up in two clicks and Ally boasts a rich REST API. Single sign-on allows Ally to be accessed across platforms, and a large number of native integrations are ready to go.

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