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About AllegianceMD

An Oklahoma-based company heavy in programming expertise, Allegiance offers practice management and medical billing software for healthcare professionals. Allegiance’s electronic health record (EHR) solution employs a suite of features that combines the aforementioned billing and practice management features into one intuitive platform.

This EHR includes a number of clinical features that benefit physicians of all specialties. Flexible progress note tools let users record clinical information using type, click or hands-free interfaces, while templates can be created for each specific diagnosis. Additional functions maintain lab results and organize them by patient and provider. This platform’s clinical support system supplies physicians with an extensive database that helps providers avoid prescribing and treatment errors through patient-specific recommendations that account for safe dosages, possible allergic reactions, and possible reactions with any medications patients are currently taking. By including an e-prescribing functionality, Allegiance’s clinical support system supplements physicians’ natural workflow rather than asking them to search for additional information in different programs. To help providers comply with Meaningful Use requirements and supply patients with better care, Allegiance’s electronic health records platform also includes a patient portal where patients can fill out forms through a HIPPA compliant website. This patient portal lessens the clerical burden on office staff and ensures less patient information is lost through misplaced paper records and illegible handwriting.

Worried about complying with upcoming Meaningful Use requirements, an Oklahoma-based orthopedic practice turned to Allegiance to help them augment their practice with an electronic health records solution so they could use medical records in a meaningful fashion. After implementing Allegiance’s EHR, this practice reported a reduction in medical errors and an increase in patient satisfaction scores. They also qualified for Meaningful Use Stage 1 certification and received federal subsidies.

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