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About Airwatch

Airwatch simplifies enterprise mobility through comprehensive management systems. With solutions for content, applications, and email, it provides secure and scalable mobile device management (MDM). Airwatch is recognized as a leader in enterprise MDM solutions and is designed to meet the unique challenges of various industries including education, enterprise, finance, government, healthcare, retail, transportation, and much more.

Airwatch gives enterprises the flexibility and resources to enforce company policy on devices, apps, and content, regardless of ownership type. Airwatch enhances the security of mobile fleets, even when a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program is implemented. By distinguishing between personal and work-related material, the software ensures employee privacy while protecting company security. Airwatch has a simple enrollment process where administrators and end users are able to enroll devices, which are then automatically authenticated and given the appropriate restrictions. Solutions including Mobile Email Management, Laptop Management, Multiuser Management, and much more allow Airwatch to secure all mobile assets from a single console.

ALBOA, located in Aarhus, Denmark, is the second largest social housing provider in the city with over 7,500 apartments. With over 180 employees, ALBOA needed a solution to manage its tablets, which are used by the board of directors and apartment administrators. Through Airwatch, ALBOA was able to easily implement company policies on mobile devices, improve security, and reduce IT costs.

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